Who We Are And How We Do Our Work

Why we have created

The team consists of young and enthusiastic dating fans. We know almost everything about international dating, we know how to choose the right dating services, and we know everything about distinguishing good websites from bad ones. We didn’t get this knowledge out of anywhere, though — the members of our team have spent days and even weeks choosing decent dating services for ourselves. That’s why we have decided to help other men find the right international dating sites — and that’s exactly why we’ve created

How we make money on

There is no such thing as paid subscriptions here — literally all information on is available for free. Read the guides, go through our links, read the reviews — you don’t need to pay for anything on this site. We monetize in another way. More specifically, we receive affiliate commissions when our readers take certain actions. When you click the link, go to a dating site, create a dating profile on this site, or buy anything on it, we get a commission from the dating company. This costs nothing to you and if you go to a site through our links, you will pay the same price as the users who have found this website on Google. Affiliate commissions that we receive can, however, affect the order in which the dating sites are presented on Of course, it doesn’t mean that our reviews are not fair — our main goal is to tell the truth about the dating websites to our readers.

How are the reviews made?

Our reviews are based on lots of different factors — we take literally all the important information into account. Our team consists of designers, sociologists, and analysts who check the interface of the website, the quality of profiles, the popularity, etc. It’s not like a “fire and forget” type of situation — we always keep our reviews updated because we only want to provide relevant information to our customers. Here, you will not find any outdated or irrelevant numbers — if there are changes (e.g the pricing policy of a site), we will tell you about them.

Factors we analyze

The popularity of the site

And when we say “popularity” we don’t mean all those numbers you can find on the main pages of the dating sites. The thing is, some of them say they have millions of users, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We analyze all the possible web metrics using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, SEranking to unveil their real hidden story, to understand where their traffic comes from, to find out how many users do the sites really have and how much time do these users spend on a dating site, etc. We do it to provide you the real numbers so that you can understand the real popularity of dating platforms.


We do our best to find the most reputable dating services. We analyze a lot of factors to find out the real online reputation of a service — to do this, we read literally all the reviews on Trustpilot and other review services. The problem is that sometimes, dating companies pay for fake reviews to build a fake online reputation and it could be hard for an average guy to tell what’s real and what is not. It’s not a problem for our team — we know how to spot fake reviews and we know how to find out if a website can be trusted or not.

Interface and mobile-friendliness

Our designers know what a good dating website should look like. The team analyzes the interface of a dating site to make sure it’s 100% user-friendly and convenient. We also make sure the dating website works well on smartphones and tablets because mobile-friendliness is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a good dating site/app.

Profile quality

After all, it’s all about the quality of the profiles — even the best dating site with thousands of profiles and an easy-to-use interface will disappoint you if it has lots of women with empty profiles who simply don’t respond. That’s why we always check the quality of the female profiles and the response rate/time on all the dating sites we review.

Customer service

Can you contact the customer support team via telephone and live chat or do they only have an email address? How fast do the support specialists respond to the messages? Can they really help or is it a “copy-and-paste” customer service? We answer all these questions to make sure everything is ok with the customer support of a dating website before adding this website to our top lists.

Visit our ratings, check out our reviews, and you will see the results of our work! We hope it will save you a lot of time because this is one of our main goals and desires.

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