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Do Mail Order Brides & International Dating Really Work?

What do you think about an international marriage, for instance, a marriage between an American guy and Filipino or Cuban woman? What if we say that it can be even happier than a marriage between people from one country? What if we say that mail order bride services really work? Yes, there are a lot of things to take into account, and it may be quite difficult to distinguish a good agency from a bad one, but women are just gorgeous! If you are interested, get more info on this topic and read the unbiased mail order bride reviews here!

Qualities of mail order brides & benefits of dating them

What qualities do these brides have? Well, it is pretty difficult to list them just because girls from nearly 20 countries of the world may be completely different. However, there are a few things that have in common. All of them want to build a family with a loving husband, not in five years or more, but as soon as possible. Most of them are more conservative, especially when it comes to gender roles and roles of men and women in family life. Of course, there is another important thing – most of these ladies are really, really attractive women.

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Mail order wives as the social trend – precise statistics

Skeptics say that this industry is losing its popularity. Here are some numbers that prove otherwise.

  • Top niche websites have more than 10 million members
  • About 10,000 Americans marry foreign women (MOBs) yearly
  • Nearly 100,000 girls become mail order brides yearly
  • The divorce rate for such marriages is even lower than for the regular marriages
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As you can see, guys from all parts of the world are still looking for online brides, and we think that this trend will remain popular for decades or even for centuries. Why? Because, according to the statistics and our experience, this system works and makes people happier.

Why use mail order bride services?

Some people may ask a pretty reasonable question: “Why does a guy need to search for a girl on the Internet, especially considering that there are so many single girls that surround him?” Well, here are the most important reasons:

  • You save time and money. Of course, you can take out a girl next door, but this is more complex than some people think. You never know if she wants this, too, and if she does, you never know if you can build a happy relationship. Besides, how much you usually spend on girlfriends? Dating a foreign girl is much cheaper.
  • You really can get married in less than a year. They may deny it, but most guys choose this way because they know that they have a better chance to get married to a pretty and cute woman.
  • You can meet a beautiful and young lady. Guys how have never seen mail order brides online before, get impressed with their beauty. And yes, you can find a lot of young girls there, including ladies who have never been married.
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Types of women you can meet on mail order bride websites

Who are the ladies for marriage you meet on such sites? Well, everything we will say is just a generalization just because there are tens of thousands of ladies from about 20 different countries in the world. Notwithstanding this, there are a few main types of mail order brides.

  • Young, beautiful & curious. These are the young 20-30-year-old ladies who know what they want. Most of them have foreign friends, some of them have studied at foreign universities, and all of them are looking for a husband from overseas or from a certain country. Maybe, they are not as experienced and wise as women from the other groups, but there are at least a few things they all have in common – they are full of energy, life, have positive attitude to life and, yes, they are very hot.
  • Experienced, elegant, maybe divorced. This is another group of ladies, and they do have their strengths. The good news is girls from Asia, Europe, and South America make every effort to look gorgeous, and, well, most of them succeed. Another great bonus is they are experienced, wise, well-educated, and motivated to finally build a family with a loving man.
  • Mature, wise, and still beautiful. There are also older women. Paradoxically, some of them look even better than younger girls. If you are in your 50s and if you think that marrying a 20-year old girl is weird, you can meet the best companion, a great lover, and just a beautiful, elegant woman on a dating site.
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Costs & Prices

What about mail order bride pricing? How much does it cost to order girls online? It costs nothing just because you cannot do this. We mean, you cannot order someone on the Internet. A few decades ago, at the time of economic crisis in certain countries, there were the so-called catalogs with dozens of women. A man in a “rich” country could pick a girl, and she was “delivered” to his door. Things do not work like that anymore.

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However, the term itself is still used. Today, it means the total cost of dating services: the membership plan, the cost of special services, trips to her country, etc. The total amount depends on various factors from the site you pick to how often you meet your bride before you marry her and take her to your country.

How to save money by dating overseas brides

A lot of people think that only super-wealthy men can afford to use such kind of services. You may be surprised to know that the membership is pretty cheap – on most sites, a member spends $10 to $80. Yes, the tickets may be pricey, but we bet you are not going to fly to the Philippines or Russia every single weekend. As for the gifts, they are usually a bit more expensive than the gifts you can buy in local store, but this is not a big deal for most men, because they know that they would spend more on “real” dating.

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Let us talk about the prices. For instance, a cocktail in a bar costs around $10 depending on where you live. A price for dinner in a good restaurant varies. If you are here, you probably want to get married in the near future, and you have such an opportunity with foreign women, but your pre-wedding relationship with a girl from your country can last for years. For example, you spend $3,000 – $5000 in total “for online brides” and actually get married. How much will you spend during 2-3 years of real dating? Are there any guarantees that you will not break up a few months before wedding ceremony? Consequently, dating mail order brides online is much cheaper from a long-term perspective.

Bottom line

So, what else can we say about beautiful women from the other parts of the world? They are real, and they are so different. You can meet your dream girl somewhere in Asia or find your soulmate in cold Russia. On, you will find plenty of mail order bride site reviews. They are the result of hard work of our best experts, so feel free to read them to find out which of the websites is really worth joining.

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